Carbon County Resources

When it’s time to “Get Your West On,” it’s time to head for Wyoming’s Carbon County.

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The Historic Hotel Wolf
The Historic Hotel Wolf You can't miss the Historic Hotel Wolf in downtown Saratoga. A great place for a steak dinner or spend the night in this historic building.
Aspen Alley
Aspen Alley Aspen Alley located just outside Saratoga, is a must-see in the fall.
What Fest in Saratoga
What Fest in Saratoga What Fest in Saratoga, Wyoming features live music. This annual event is a locals favorite.
Hobo Hot Springs
Hobo Hot Springs Along with the public bath house there are hot spring pools in the river.
Hanna Rec Playground
Hanna Rec Playground Hanna Area
Wildlife Riverside Area
Riverside Garage Cabins
Riverside Garage Cabins Riverside Area
Virginian Memorabilia
Virginian Memorabilia Medicine Bow Area
Virginian Medicine Bow Area
Horse Shoe Competition
Horse Shoe Competition Hanna Area
Public Lands
Public Lands Baggs Area
Modern Coal Tip
Modern Coal Tip Hanna Area
Overland Trail Marker
Overland Trail Marker Baggs Area
Seminoe Resevior
Seminoe Resevior Hanna Area
JB Fishing Permits
JB Fishing Permits Medicine Bow Area
Jebens Park
Jebens Park Baggs Area
Dixon Club
Dixon Club Dixon Area
Grocery Exhibit
Grocery Exhibit Savery Area
Hanna Museum
Hanna Museum Hanna Area
Dragline Hanna Area
Hanna Recreation Center
Hanna Recreation Center Hanna Area
Riverside Riverside Area
Museum Pavillion
Museum Pavillion Saratoga Area
Petrified Wood Memorial
Petrified Wood Memorial Medicine Bow Area
Stage Shop Genreral Store
Stage Shop Genreral Store Baggs Area
Stay Wyoming
Stay Wyoming We're a bit off the beaten track but we're sure you'll agree, THAT'S A GOOD THING!
Historical Building
Historical Building Medicine Bow Area
Viriginian Medicine Bow Area
Wildlife Riverside Area
Engine Hanna Area
Owen Wister's Cabin
Owen Wister's Cabin Medicine Bow Area
Snowmobiling Riverside Area

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