Carbon County Resources

When it’s time to “Get Your West On,” it’s time to head for Wyoming’s Carbon County.

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Battle Pass
Battle Pass Savery Area
Savery School
Savery School Savery Area
Continental Divide
Continental Divide Savery Area
Deer Hanna Area
Celebration Hanna Area
Wyoming Peace Officer Museum
Wyoming Peace Officer Museum Rawlins Area
Hunting Trip
Hunting Trip Baggs Area
Museum Encampment Area
Mud Drags
Mud Drags Hanna Area
Scenic Byway
Scenic Byway Savery Area
Mansion Rawlins Area
Chip Throw
Chip Throw Medicine Bow Area
Depot Rawlins Area
Mirror Lake
Mirror Lake Saratoga Area
Hanna View
Hanna View Hanna Area
Little Snake River Museum
Little Snake River Museum Savery Area
Grand Encampment Museum
Grand Encampment Museum Encampment Area
CCVC Visitor Center
CCVC Visitor Center Riverside Area
North Platte River
North Platte River Saratoga Area
Prison Museum
Prison Museum Rawlins Area
Union Pacific
Union Pacific Rawlins Area
Savery Dam
Savery Dam Savery Area
Russel Community Park
Russel Community Park Baggs Area
Caslte Shop
Caslte Shop Baggs Area
Downtown Saratoga
Downtown Saratoga Saratoga Area
Jim Baker Cabin
Jim Baker Cabin Savery Area
Antelope Hanna Area
Snowy Range
Snowy Range Saratoga Area
Saratoga Parade 4th of July
Saratoga Parade 4th of July Saratoga Area
Old Cart
Old Cart Medicine Bow Area
Sierra Madres
Sierra Madres Encampment Area
Scenery Baggs Area

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