Carbon County Scenic Drives

One of the best things about Carbon County, Wyoming are the amazing landscapes.

It's incredible how diverse the ecosystems are.  Explore the crystal clear rivers, natural hot springs, mountain trails for hiking or biking, forests teeming with wildlife, pristine alpine lakes, and stark high desert landscapes. Even if Carbon County, Wyoming is not your final destination, make sure to take a look around... you won't regret it!

Even though there are many different scenic drives Carbon County, Wyoming, these are some of our favorites:

#1: Snowy Range Scenic Byway

In order to get to the Medicine Bow Mountains Range, you just need to take the Interstate 80 in the south direction from Carbon County, Wyoming. Even though the range is huge and it extends to Colorado as well, the part of the range that you're going to look at is still a part of the Carbon County, Wyoming and it is more frequently refered to as the Snowy Range.

The scenic drive goes along Highway 130 that runs over the top of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range from Laramie to Highway 230 south of Saratoga. Hikers can take a 5.5-mile hike to Medicine Bow Peak. At 12,013 feet, it's the highest peak in southern Wyoming, and features switch-backs, rock crossings, and breathtaking scenery.

#2: Battle Highway:

Battle Lake is also considered by many people as one of the best scenic drives! Located on Highway 70 and just 13 miles from Encampment (going East), you'll find it amazingly beautiful. Many people report this drive brings them a feeling of calm & serenity and we agree. The scenic Battle highway is open Memorial Day through October. Historic sites along the way include Battle ghost town and the Edison Monument.

#3: Continental Divide Trail:

Every year thousands of people traverse the Continental Divide Trail (CDT). This famous 3,100-mile trek passes right through Carbon County, Wyoming. You can experience part of the CDT where it enters Wyoming from Colorado, passing into the Sierra Madre Mountain Range of the Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests, with a few must-visit spots.

The road to Battle Pass Summit is not for the faint of heart as it climbs 9,995 feet in the Sierra Madre Mountains — the views and the experience are worth it.

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