Looking for that special small town situated at the base of the Rocky Mountains lying along the banks of a beautiful trout-filled river? Well, you have just discovered Riverside, Wyoming! Riverside began its life as a shipping center for the copper mines that used to dot the landscape of the nearby Sierra Madre Mountain Range. It was originally named Dogget, however, when people began calling it Dog-town, the citizens decided that Riverside would be a more suitable, less corruptible name for their home. Riverside lies on the banks of the Encampment River, a popular attraction for fisherman, rafters, and adventurists with their kayaks.

Riverside, Wyoming

With Riverside’s small population, visitors will enjoy the friendly atmosphere of small town America at its finest. This town offers travelers all of the amenities needed to enjoy a great vacation. Food, gas, and lodging are all readily available, and when it’s time to wet your whistle, be sure to check out the Bear Trap or the Mangy Moose Saloon! Nestled among tall cottonwood and aspen trees, you’ll discover a beautiful town park. There you’ll find plenty of play equipment for the kids, as well as picnic tables and a covered cooking area.

A special sight to make sure to see is the Indian Bathtubs. Located a short distance outside of Riverside, these are bowl shaped rock formations which, when filled with rainwater, become natural bathtubs! The trail-head begins off Blackhall Mountain Road, and it’s a 2 1/2 mile round trip hike to the tubs and back.

Carbon County Visitors Center in Riverside  Stop in for friendly information about Carbon County. A wealth of information is available. Staff will provide you with information about fishing, hiking, camping and public land access. Open 7 days a week 8:00 am – 6:00 pm. 215 Hwy 70 307-327-5600

Indian Bathtubs The Encampment River Valley was a gathering place for Indian tribes in the 1800’s as they hunted during the summer months. The deep holes in a granite outcrop east of the river naturally gathering snow melt and rainwater. The tribes-the Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne-are said to have used the natural formations as bathing holes. Local residents call them the Indian Bathtubs. The hike to these formations is ¾ of a mile.

Battle Highway The Battle Highway along Wyoming’s Highway 70 stretches across the Sierra Madre Mountains from Riverside to Baggs. The scenic highway is open Memorial Day through October. Historic sites along the way include Battle ghost town and the Edison Monument commemorating the place where, while fishing on Battle Lake, Thomas Edison got the idea for the first light-bulb filament. Battle Pass, on the Continental Divide, provides a sweeping view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. Traffic on the highway is light and wide shoulders make this an excellent bicycle route as well.

Hunting, Fishing & Camping Hunting, fishing and camping are all big activities in the Riverside region. Camping is available in the Sierra Madre Mountains to the West and the Snowy Range to the East. Hike to many alpine lakes or hunt with one of experienced outfitters.

Rafting Raft the North Platte River or the Encampment River. There are 12 + river accesses in the Encampment/Riverside area. Bring your own gear or let our knowledgeable river runners do all the work. Scenic and whitewater rafting available in the area.

Medicine Bow National Forest Like those distance days, the mountain peaks of Medicine Bow National Forest are a welcoming sight. Besides the promise of relief from summer heat, these mountains offer a wide variety of recreational opportunities. Rock-climbing, rafting, boating, fishing, and trails, available for foot, motorized and stock, are some of the activities enjoyed in the Forest. A number of developed camping locations, located close to recreational activities, offer a convenient place for an overnight stay as well as longer visits. The area now called Medicine Bow National Forest was a favorite location of the Plains Indians long before the white man appeared. The mountain mahogany found in mountain valleys produced bows of exceptional quality. Various tribes would assemble to collect this wonderful wood and construct bows. At such times, with many people gather, ceremonies were held to make "medicine," cure diseases and call on the "Great Spirit." In other words, the various Plains Indian peoples came together to make medicine while making bows. Thus, the area became known as Medicine Bow. For more information visit website

Fishing on the North Platte River Fishing on the North Platte River is a treat for both novices and experts. Not only is the Platte one of the few rivers that flows North, but more than 65 miles have been designated as a "Blue Ribbon" trout fishery by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. With more than 2300 fish per mile and ratings among the highest for productivity, availability, and aesthetics, the North Platte is well deserving of this title. Since implementing a slot limit in 1980, the size and health of the fish has improved greatly. In fact, it has improved so much that the Game and Fish no longer stocks the North Platte, allowing the river to return to a natural state. Also contributing to this natural state is the fact that from it's origins in the mountains through Saratoga the river is not dammed. This creates a 141 mile freestone fishery, something unique not only in Wyoming, but in the U.S. as well. As the North Platte flows through our valley the diverse terrain of Wyoming is apparent, changing from alpine mountains to high-desert plains in less than 70 miles. Wildlife is abundant, including deer, antelope, big horn sheep, elk, blue herons, and more nesting pairs of bald eagles than anywhere else in Wyoming. Spin fishermen are encouraged to visit mid-June through July, while fly fishing is at its best from mid-July through the fall. In Wyoming it is important to remember that the river water running through private land is public, but the river banks and river bottom are considered private property. Although there are many public access areas along the North Platte, many people prefer to hire the services of a local outfitter.

Farmer’s Market
Call for information on the Farmer's Market (307) 327-5119

Bear Trap Café & Bar
120 Riverside Ave
Phone: 307-327-5277

Drinks & Dining in Riverside

Bear Trap Cafe & Bar

Bear Trap Cafe & Bar


Bear Trap Cafe & Bar

Shopping in Riverside

Riverside Garage and Cabins

Riverside Garage and Cabins


Riverside Garage and Cabins

Spotlight - Riverside

Aspen Alley Aspen Alley resides in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Medicine Bow National Forest. The drive to Aspen Alley is beautiful. Once you arrive you will find aspen trees towering overhead on both sides of the road. Autumn is the best time to visit Aspen Alley although it is beautiful in any season. Bring your camera.

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