Little Snake River Museum
Little Snake River Museum
  • Open: Memorial Day weekend to some cold day in October Everyday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Location:
    Address: 13 CC Rd 561, Savery, WY 82332
    Latitude: 41.02704085614814
    Longitude: -107.44947581545361
  • Phone: 307-383-7262
  • Website:

Discover History at the Little Snake River Museum

The Little Snake River Museum offers a unique opportunity to explore the rich history of the secluded ranching valley. With over 15 historic buildings and countless exhibits, the museum houses thousands of artifacts, photographs, and stories of a bygone era.

Little Snake River Museum

The Little Snake River Valley - Wyoming's Best Kept Secret

Nestled in the winding roads around ancient volcanic mountains and through lush pasture land, the Little Snake River Valley flows into the drier lands of Browns Park, an area steeped in outlaw history. The valley's rich resources have drawn a variety of residents over the years, from native people to outlaws.

Little Snake River Museum

Visit the Little Snake River Museum

Come and spend a day at the museum exploring the stories and unique history of the Little Snake River Valley. Discover why the valley has been home to explorers, trappers, settlers, homesteaders, miners, stockmen, and outlaws over the years. Admission is free, and the experience is "worth the stop."