The town of Hanna is yet another example of Carbon County’s diversity. Lying as it does in the center of one of Wyoming’s largest and richest coalfields, Hanna has an equally rich past and present. Mining has been the mainstay in this part of the county since coal was discovered here in the late 1800s. A massive old drag-line system still stands as a backdrop to the town, a reminder of days gone by. Two disastrous explosions, one in 1903 and the other in 1908, took the lives of 228 local miners. There is one monument to the victims of the Mine#1 Disasters of 1903, 1908 and 2 monuments to all those who died in the Carbon & Hanna mines.

Hanna, Wyoming

Hanna Then...
Hanna is a town with a rich history of hard luck coal miners and the Union Pacific Coal Company. The Union Pacific Coal Company founded Hanna for their workers and their families. Life was hard for the coal miners who lived in and around Hanna but, as photos depict at the Hanna Museum, they always had time for a company sponsored baseball team. It is rumored that more than one unqualified coal miner was hired for his baseball skills.

Remnants of the ghost town of Old Carbon lie just south of Hanna. Carbon City was the first coal camp on the line of the Union Pacific Railraod. For history buffs the Carbon Cemetary holds a wonderful record of the Union Pacific coal miners and their families. The Old Carbon Cemetary has recently received funding for a restoration and preservation project to help research and record the lives and deaths of Carbon and Hanna's earliest residents.

Hanna was also a major hub of the emerging transportation industry. The Overland Trail and the Union Pacific Railroad all passed through Hanna. The first transcontinental airmail planes flew over Hanna. The Lincoln Highway passed through Carbon and a few miles south of Hanna.  Visit the Hanna Museum on your travels through Carbon County for an exploration of Hanna's heritage. This (on Left) historical drawing of early Carbon is an accurate representation of what Carbon looked like in its earlier  coal mining days - 1869. 

Hanna Now...
The town of Hanna has much to offer. History buffs will enjoy the Hanna Museum which offers an excellent background on the coal company town of Hanna. The Hanna Recreation Center has an Olympic sized pool and a rare Rotary Locomotive on display. Also be sure to visit the three memorials built to honor the miners lost in two explosions, one in 1903 and the other in 1908, which took the lives of 228 local miners. Hanna is the gateway to the activities in the North Country including the famous Fisherman Paradise of Miracle Mile Boating and fishing enthusiasts flock to Seminoe State Park to enjoy summer days on the Reservoir. In the fall, Shirley Basin offers great guided and unguided big game hunting opportunities. With the winter season travelers can enjoy snowmobiling and cross country skiing.

Outside of Hanna's Recreation Center sits a rare Rotary Snowplow Locomotive, used to clear snow from the railroad track with the large circular set of blades on its front end. This Rotary Snowplow is number: UP900098 ALCO(COOKE) 12/1917

To the south lies the ghost town of Old Carbon, Elk Mountain and the vast expanse of Medicine Bow National Forest. We hope you'll take the time to visit Hanna, Wyoming soon!

Hanna means mining to people in Carbon County. A quick drive-through will show you an unbelievably huge drag line operation for coal mining that backdrops the town. If you stop, pay your respects at the Miner's Monument, which commemorates the loss of life in a 1903 cave-in. Hanna also has on display, the Union Pacific Railroad Snowplow. In the early days, this snowplow was used to clear the tracks during high snow conditions. Hanna also has a great recreation center. This modern facility boasts a full size gym, racquetball courts, and an indoor swimming pool.

The Hanna Museum which is located in the old Community Hall building, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Originally constructed as a saloon in 1890, the hall has served many purposes in the Union Pacific Coal Company Town. Sharin the Front Street site is The Miner’s Cottage, a restored exemplary Two Town House. The Hanna Basin Museum is an active participant in the Carbon Cemetery Restoration and Preservation Project. The Museum houses the Carbon archive, resources revealing life and death in the first coal camp (1868-1902) along the original line of the Union Pacific Railroad.

Miners Memorial Visit the Miners memorial in Hanna. The slate slab lists the names of over 100 coal miners killed in a mine explosion in Hanna. Visit the Hanna Museum for more historical information about this terrible tragedy.

Hanna Cemetery A great piece of Hanna history. Wooden headstones stand in the cemetery with faded inscriptions many of which are impossible to read. There are many graves simply marked "unknown miner". Come and reflect upon our past.

Nearby Sinclair Golf Course
Fully equipped pro shop, pitching and putting green, driving range. Each at the Riverside Grille and Bar. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 307-324-7767

Hanna Recreation Center Swimming, basketball, tennis, indoor gymnasium, weight room, indoor golf and cardiovascular equipment. 307-325-9603

Seminoe State Park Great fishing, room for motor boats on the Seminoe Reservoir and Wyoming wildlife is at its finest in and near Seminoe State Park. Patient visitors will be rewarded with a variety of creatures passing by: big horn sheep, elk, moose, mule deer, antelope, coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, fox, raccoon, skunk, jack rabbit and cottontail rabbit. Bird watchers may glimpse the American or Bald Eagle plus several types of waterfowl. Bring your binoculars, sit back and enjoy!

Horseback Riding, Guest Ranches, Fishing & Hunting in Hanna

Wooden Rifle Ranch and Outfitters The Wooden Rifle Ranch is an operating cattle and hay ranch nestled at the base of the Pedro Mountains. Its boundaries encompass over 32,000 acres of Wyoming's finest hunting and fishing grounds. The Wooden Rifle has also secured other hunting properties, giving you over 100,000 acres of prime hunting ground. 307-325-6491

Drinks & Dining in Hanna

Skinny's Beer Garden

Skinny's Beer Garden


Skinny's Beer Garden

Dingy Dan’s

Dingy Dan’s


Dingy Dan’s

Poulos’ Nugget Bar

Poulos’ Nugget Bar


Poulos’ Nugget Bar

Video: Seminoe Reservoir & the Snowy Range

Seminoe Reservoir, Elk Mountain & the Snowy Range in Carbon County, Wyoming

Spotlight - Hanna

Seminoe State Park A wonderful  recreational opportunity to check out while in the Hanna area. Bring your motor boat or your rod and reel for some of the best fishing in the state. Seminoe Reservoir has both trout and walleye for the catching. Hiking and camping are also available in Seminoe State Park.

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