Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway
Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway

A Scenic Adventure in South Central Wyoming

The Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway is a 73-mile route that winds through the rugged terrain of South Central Wyoming. The byway begins in Alcova, a small settlement on WY 220 about 30 miles southwest of Casper, and ends in Sinclair, near Rawlins. This remote area provides visitors with an opportunity to experience the raw and wild beauty of Wyoming's landscape.

Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway

Attractions on the byway include Alcova Reservoir, which is popular for fishing and boating, and Pathfinder Reservoir, a favorite of windsurfers.

Fremont Canyon is known for fishing, rock climbing, and is popular with experienced river-runners. The route also passes through the Seminoe Reservoir, the Seminoe Mountains, the Pedro Mountains, and Seminoe State Park, all offering unique and stunning views.

The journey through the Seminoe Mountains, the Pedro Mountains, and Fremont Canyon is an unforgettable experience. The route passes through antelope-grazed prairie and stark desert before climbing over the rugged mountains, providing visitors with an incredible transformation of the landscape. It is a photographer's dream, with endless opportunities for capturing breathtaking views.

Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway

While the Seminoe-Alcova Back Country Byway is in a remote area, it is worth the journey to experience the stunning beauty of Wyoming's backcountry.

With its unique attractions and scenic views, this byway is a must-see for anyone visiting the area.

Length: 64 miles / 103 km
Time to Allow: 2.5 hours


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