• Carbon County Photo Contest Accepting Entries

    Celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of Carbon County, Wyoming.

    Once again the Carbon County Visitors Council is giving you the chance to shine by submitting your best photo taken in Carbon County into our bi-annual photo contest for the chance to win up to $150 in cash! We have awarded cash prizes to over 40 talented winners over the years and you could be our next winner.

  • Downtown Rawlins Mural Tour

    A Walk Through Carbon County History

    Whether you’re an art lover or history buff, the murals scattered around downtown Rawlins are a great way to start exploring the town.

  • Enter the 2022 CCVC Spring/Summer Photo Contest

    Enter the 2022 CCVC Summer Photo Contest

    Bigger Prizes & More Fun Than Ever!

    The Carbon County Visitors Council needs your help. Submit your favorite photo taken in Carbon County into our annual photo contest for the chance to win one of 3 cash prizes ($150 for 1st / $100 for 2nd / $50 for honorable mention). Your photos will be used to promote Carbon County, Wyoming as a travel destination to potential visitors to our area.

  • Joe Pickett Tour & Competition

    Joe Pickett Tour & Competition

    Win a chance to be a character in an upcoming Joe Pickett novel!

    In honor of the release of The Disappeared, the Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce teamed up with author C.J. Box to launch a tour series and a competition.

    This is a self-guided, year-round tour/scavenger hunt to name places and businesses mentioned in the series or were the inspiration for a fictional location. Participants will pay $5.00 to download a .pdf document with the list of locations and the rules. There will be three tours, each with about 12 stops, and participants will take selfies or photos of the location. Uploading and hash tagging on social media is encouraged.

  • Spring/Summer 2021 Photo Contest Results

    2021 CCVC Photo Contest

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Campbell!

    The winners of the Spring/Summer 2021 Photo Contest are:

    1) First Place $150 Winner - Elizabeth Campell 
    2) Second Place $100 Winner - Vin Sharma
    3) Honorable Mention $50 Winner - Sondra Dent

  • Summer 2020 Photo Contest Results

    2020 CCVC Photo Contest

    Congratulations to Eric Burnham!

    The winners of the Summer/Fall 2020 Photo Contest are:

    1) First Place $150 Winner - Eric Burnham with his photo taken near Jack Creek Campground (41.2877, -107.1234)
    2) Second Place $100 Winner - Josh Glisan with his photo taken at the Sanger Public Access area near Saratoga, WY
    3) Honorable Mention $50 Winner - Sarah Givens with her photo of Elk Mountain, WY

  • Summer 2022 Photo Contest Results

    2022 CCVC Photo Contest

    Congratulations to David Birozy!

    The winners of the Summer 2022 Photo Contest are:

    1) First Place $150 Winner - David Birozy 
    2) Second Place $100 Winner - Kristen Mastricola
    3) Honorable Mention $50 Winner - Terri Schultz