• Exploring the Carbon County Museum

    Carbon County Museum

    History, legend and lore can be found in every corner of Carbon County.

    The Carbon County Museum, open year round, tells the stories of the region and its communities. It interprets the history of the region, including the vast Native American influence, the coming of the railroad, the outlaws of the Old West, and the ranchers who continue to work the area.

  • Tour the Old Pen

    The Old Pen

    Old Pen Tours are a popular Rawlins activitiy.

    During its more than 80-year history as a corrections facility, approximately 13,500 inmates called the Wyoming State Penitentiary in Rawlins “home.”

    Wyoming’s Frontier Prison, often referred to as the “Old Pen,” housed 11 women from when it opened in 1901 until 1909, at which point it became a facility primarily for men.