• The best thing about birding is you can do it anywhere you travel.

    It is nice however, to know where some of the local hot spots are when traveling. Hopefully this article will help with that for Carbon County, Wyoming

    March, April and May as the ice and snow melt away; birding hotspots can include Saratoga Lake for returning waterfowl, pelicans and Osprey. Two published sage grouse leks (mating areas) are in Carbon County. The Wyoming Game and Fish publish exact directions and birding etiquette for watching these birds. The Pass Creek lek is 12 miles North of Saratoga and the  Upper Red Creek lek is about 7 miles North of Baggs. The grouse are usually there late March and April.  Also 25 miles North of Baggs on highway 789 are the Muddy creek wetlands near Dad. There are no facilities in the area, so be prepared.